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With the majority of customers today researching products online before making a purchase, content marketing is an easy way to catch intent-driven customers on their way to making a purchase.

High-ranking content can also act as free advertising for your business for however long your content stays online, making it one of the most cost-effective lead-generation tools around.

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What is the importance of content marketing in e-commerce? It starts with the right content marketing strategy that is tailored to your brand.

Keyword Research: Finding and utilizing the right keywords that not only drive traffic to your site but convert visitors into customers.

SEO Best Practices: From applying proper headings to internal and external linking, we follow strict SEO guidelines that leverage best practices in optimizing your content with your ideal customer’s search intent in mind.

Educate and Inspire Your Audience: Through extensive research, we create valuable and insightful content that speaks the language of your target customers.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

semrush agency partner badgeOne of the most important aspects of content creation is SEO. For e-commerce sellers, it allows you to drive free traffic through organic search and complements other marketing initiatives.

Customer-Centric Approach: Optimized content with your ideal customer’s search intent in mind.

Off-Page SEO: Robust backlinking strategies to build relationships with like-minded websites to increase your site’s domain authority.

Alerts and Tracking: Using the latest tools, we monitor and fix website issues for Google search, including submitting site maps for improved indexing, increasing website speed and load times, as well as mobile friendliness.

Reporting: Ensuring transparency of results through detailed, real-time reporting metrics.

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Email marketing

Email still remains the most effective way to connect with customers. With well-crafted campaigns, catchy subject lines, and captivating copy, you can convert contacts to customers at a higher rate than almost any other marketing strategy that exists.

Email Marketing

Automated Email Marketing

KLAVIYO SILVER PARTER LOGOIn the world of email, targeting and timing are key. Using automated email marketing, we make sure your brand never leaves the minds of your customers.

Timing: Multiple emails triggered at the perfect time during the entire sales process.

Personalization: Segmented audiences to create a personalized email experience for your customers.

Well-Crafted Content: Professionally-written, conversion-based copy coupled with high-quality, branded custom imagery.

Reach: Build one-on-one relationships with your potential and current customers.

Newsletter email marketing

KLAVIYO SILVER PARTER LOGOOur professional content creators provide value to your customers through intrigue with email campaigns filled with resources, relevant and useful information, and promotions.

Knowing Your Customers: Research and insight into your customer base on what will entice them to open emails.

Beautiful Design: Visually appealing emails that adhere to your brand guidelines.

Testing: Consistent A/B testing of subject lines, timing, copy, CTAs, and imagery to continue growth.

Continuous Reporting: Reliable and deep reporting to ensure successful campaigns that continue to build strong relationships with your customers.

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It's time to rethink your email marketing strategy and turn your email marketing into a top revenue-generating stream. Build your customer base and your brand with effective email marketing campaigns backed by proven strategies.

Our email marketing services provide a scalable way to attract and nurture customers, foster brand advocacy, and increase sales.


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