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With consumer shopping behaviors still being highly influenced by email marketing, you must prioritize your customer retention. Email marketing is the highest retention marketing initiative out there and is sure to grow your brand and revenue.

Email marketing is a low-cost marketing channel that, when optimized, can generate highly engaged consumers, increased website traffic, additional revenue, and in-the-moment analytics on strategies for consumer behavior tailored to your brand.

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Our team of email experts will optimize your visuals and messaging to maintain brand loyalty while increasing your list size. Become the leader in your space with customized emails showcasing your latest sales, promotions, back-in-stock products, newsletters, blog posts, and more.

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Are you changing your branding, launching a new product, or running a month-long special? If so, campaigns are the main driver for increased revenue. Utilize our email marketing strategists for the planning and execution of your major campaigns.


Single-send emails are great, but they should never replace your automated emails. Have you recently optimized your abandoned cart, post-purchase, browser abandonment, and welcome emails?

Automated emails, on average, have the highest open and click-through rates due to your consumers’ expectations of receiving them. Automation is a quick revenue builder, but often gets overlooked. Our team of email specialists creates automated emails for not only optimization but conversion.



Personalized emails often lead to higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates due to specifically designed messaging that your consumers will appreciate.

Speak to them by name, city, product– you name it! Let our team personally target your markets by tailoring a shopping experience exclusively to them–they’ll thank you for it!


Email marketing is not slowing down, matter of fact, it’s speeding up. It takes more to build a relationship with your customers nowadays than just sending an email every once in a while. With so many competitors out there, it is easy for brands to be forgotten. Email marketing keeps you at the forefront of your consumers’ minds.

When optimized, email marketing offers you a competitive advantage with tailored marketing campaigns, targeted segmentation, and customizable strategy, messaging, and design. Build an email marketing brand that your consumers will know and remember!


Are you sending to large lists of people but struggling with low open rates? It could be a deliverability issue. Our team utilizes the latest software to track deliverability issues and strategize quickly to resolve them. Issues relating to deliverability can cause your content to be missed. Don’t jeopardize your brand-consumer relationships because of faulty deliverability!



List segmentation is not only crucial for avoiding deliverability issues, but also for optimizing conversions. Communicating directly with your consumers will help to better target their needs with your products or services. Regardless if you are targeting a highly engaged audience or a cold list with low engagement, our team of email specialists will ensure you are talking to your consumers the right way.


Consumers’ minds and shopping behaviors are constantly changing. What was successful months ago may not be what is converting today. Thank goodness for A/B testing. We leverage and track the best-performing subject line, send dates, send times, messaging, visuals, and more to ensure your consumers stay engaged. With email marketing, there is so much that can be tested. Once we determine which elements work, we can continue to leverage that into your email marketing strategies!


WHY bluetuskr?

Our email marketing team has decades of experience in targeted email messaging, design, and top-level email strategies designed specifically to increase organic revenue.

With dozens of satisfied e-commerce brands and many different case studies in multiple categories, our e-commerce email marketing strategies are leading the industry and allowing businesses to increase their open rates, click-through rates, and conversions utilizing customized strategy and the latest in email marketing initiatives.

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