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With CPCs (cost-per-clicks) constantly increasing, there is no better strategy to not only decrease CAC (customer acquisition cost) over time but also turn your website into an asset.

Strong SEO strategies allow you to develop your brand into a thought leader in your category by providing additional value to your target customer while also bringing in top-of-funnel traffic at a severely reduced cost in comparison to paid advertising.


On-page optimization lies at the core of E-commerce SEO. Using extensive research, our team of SEO experts works meticulously to provide high-converting keywords, thus being leveraged in product titles, descriptions, meta tags, and throughout the content to ensure search engines and potential customers understand the relevance of your offerings.


Additionally, our team addresses your website's structure through internal linking, making it easy for search engine crawlers to navigate and index your pages efficiently. To further increase your organic traffic and grow your search rankings, we leverage engaging and informative content that resonates with your target audience, answering their queries and driving them to make informed purchasing decisions.

We consistently develop website audits to ensure every aspect of the website is SEO optimized, including

Layer 1 1
Meta Title & Description Optimization
Site Speed Optimization
Reduction of video, image, and other file sizes
JavaScript, Minified CSS and other code
Schema markups
Proper page crawl-ability and indexing
Review and adjustment of mobile-friendliness
Resolution of broken links and 404 errors


Establish your e-commerce store's authority and credibility in the digital realm with off-page SEO. Our team executes effective off-page strategies to earn quality backlinks and foster a positive online reputation by identifying authoritative websites and influencers in your industry and reaching out to build partnerships. These backlinks act as votes of confidence for your e-commerce store, signaling search engines that your website is a reliable and trustworthy source.


Our off-page efforts also extend to social media engagement, where we help you build a strong social presence, interact with your audience, and drive traffic back to your e-commerce store. By enhancing your online visibility and fostering positive relationships with your audience, we secure your position as a reputable player in the e-commerce landscape.

We develop relationships with other websites to implement many different white-hat strategies to gain approved and qualified backlinks to an e-commerce website, including

Organic backlinks
Shared backlinking strategies
Guest blog postings
Partnerships with niche-related websites


Developing a strong blog strategy on an e-commerce website has many different benefits, such as developing your brand as a thought leader in your category, creating more content for your customers to read, and improving product page rankings to focus on the most important thing, organic revenue.

We start by optimizing the blog page structure to ensure it’s as conversion-friendly as possible and then implement value-driven and shareable content that allows e-commerce sellers to rank for the top topics and questions their customers are searching for to bring them to their website organically.

E-commerce SEO 
at its Finest

The days of simply posting blogs and getting backlinks, and then starting to rank in the top spots are long gone. Our SEO team will develop a robust strategy that will not only provide value for your viewers but will have them engaging and encourage them to convert.

By understanding your competitors' strengths and weaknesses, we empower you to optimize your offerings and grab a more significant market share. We'll not only turn your brand into a thought leader in your industry, but we'll also elevate it to reflect a more modern and pleasurable experience for your customers while making consistent adjustments until we're in the top positions for our target keywords.


Our comprehensive site audit identifies any technical glitches, such as broken links, crawl errors, or duplicate content, which may be hindering your search engine rankings. Moreover, we assess your website's architecture and navigation to ensure that it is user-friendly and intuitive for your visitors.

Beyond that, we evaluate your current keyword usage and content quality to pinpoint opportunities for improvement. Our data-driven approach guarantees that no stone is left unturned, and we present you with a roadmap to optimize your e-commerce store and drive superior results.

E-commerce SEO Audits are a deep dive into every aspect of your current SEO strategy that includes:

Ideal target keywords with search volume and keyword difficulty
All on-page and technical SEO adjustments that need to be made
Previous organic traffic and revenue data as well as future projections
Blog page CRO suggestions to improve organic revenue
A complete list of toxic backlinks to be disavowed
Deep dive into your competitors’ strategies relating to keywords, content, and more…

WHY bluetuskr?

Our SEO team has decades of experience in specifically e-commerce SEO and takes a strong focus on not only organic traffic, which can improve top-of-funnel opportunities for paid advertising and develop your brand into a thought leader in your space but, more importantly, organic revenue.

With dozens of satisfied e-commerce sellers and many different case studies in multiple categories, our e-commerce SEO strategies are leading the industry and allowing businesses to reduce CAC (customer acquisition costs) and build their websites into organic revenue-generating assets.

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