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Paid Advertising

Paid advertising

From Sponsored Product ads and Sponsored Brand ads to Sponsored Brand ads and Product Display ads, marketplace advertising is one of the most effective ways to get your product noticed and in the hands of customers.

Through well-structured campaigns, our team of marketplace advertising specialists works diligently to maximize your reach.

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Increase your CTR and boost conversions with high-quality marketplace pages and product descriptions showing your product's key benefits on a deeper level.

By utilizing eye-catching visuals alongside keyword-rich, A+ Enhanced Brand Content (EBC), you can make your presence felt by customers and the competition.

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Storefront Creation

Whether you’re driving traffic from Sponsored Brand Advertising or driving traffic from off-marketplace, we’ll create a custom storefront for you that will entice your customers to convert.

Boost organic rankings and increase your sales revenue while providing a seamless experience for your customers with a storefront that is cohesive with your brand.

Promotional Campaigns

Get discovered and drive sales with out-of-the-box promotional campaigns. Embedded coupons, coupon codes, Lightning Deals, and anything else that aligns with your marketplace marketing strategy will be professionally executed, ensuring it performs above expectations and allows your current and new customers to benefit from the opportunity you’re providing them.

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Review Generation

Customer reviews are essential to product ranking on all marketplaces, but it’s not always easy to garner the number of reviews you need. Our team will create automated email campaigns while at the same time leveraging additional tactics that request customers to provide a product review that falls within the current Terms of Service of the leading online marketplaces.

Why bluetuskr?

Whether you are experimenting with different online channels or looking to improve your current strategy, BlueTuskr has the expertise to help you through your challenges. Our priority is to help you achieve profitable increases in growth. Our team will ensure your products are listed on the right marketplaces using the latest best practices while showcasing the benefits of shopping with your brand to your customers.



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