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Limitations Shouldn’t Slow You Down

Brands that offer restricted products are often met with consistent pushback from many different platforms limiting their marketing strategies and hindering their overall ability to scale.

BlueTuskr has the experience and expertise to create a custom plan to help you achieve your goals. We take into account the specific products offered, your target market, and your competition when developing a marketing strategy for your business. This ensures that you are able to reach your target audience and convert them into customers in a cost-effective way while following each platform’s individual rules.


Experts That KNOW Your Business

When you work with BlueTuskr, you gain a personal team of health and fitness marketing experts, one who's always on top of the latest and most successful techniques to lift your brand above the competition. From ROI-focused campaigns to content marketing and website design & development, BlueTuskr can help drive needle-moving revenue for your brand.

never view ourselves as a third party. Instead, we are your business's marketing department, this allows our goals to stay aligned and help you achieve your desired goals. This approach allows us to build customized marketing campaigns tailored to your unique needs. Every product, category, and customer base is different, and we believe your marketing strategy should be too.

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Influencer marketing can often be the key to reaching a new audience when advertising options are limited. Our team carefully selects influencers who will be a good fit for your company and have a following that is not only engaged but also aligns with your target audience.

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While being a restricted brand can be difficult to market, once you find that target audience and develop a community, they are a very dedicated and loyal group.

We will develop a robust social media marketing campaign that will not only grow your community but help you showcase your products without limitations while still focusing on conversions.

The Beverage Cart, Social Media Creative


Paid advertising is the quickest and easiest way to get in front of new potential customers, but it can be expensive.

Our paid advertising team specializes in building a continuous stream of customers through intricate campaigns and funnel creation. We fully optimize your ads for the highest quality results to generate more sales and/or a more engaged contact list.

The Beverage Cart, Paid Ads


Whether they’re automated or a traditional newsletter, email marketing is the key to retaining customers.

We’ll develop automated flows and campaigns that will elevate your brand, keep your audience engaged, and ensure we’re reaching them at the perfect time while also continuously A/B testing every aspect of your email marketing to ensure consistent improvements.

The Beverage Cart, Email Campaign

Marketing at its Finest

Whether you’re selling CBD, marijuana, alcohol, adult toys, firearms, or any other restricted brand, you shouldn’t feel like your marketing strategy is restricted as well. Our marketing team has decades of experience assisting e-commerce businesses to connect with their ideal customer while developing the brand into something admirable.

We'll not only turn your brand into a thought leader in your industry, but we'll also elevate it to reflect a more modern and pleasurable experience for your customers while playing by the rules of each platform.

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Content is key when it comes to marketing restricted brands. It’s often difficult to go out and find new customers with advertising when many platforms limit restricted brands, so a strong content marketing strategy will make sure you’re at the right place at the right time.

Our team will create compelling, informative, and high-quality content to attract new customers and answer any questions they may have about your products or about your category.

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SEO is a crucial factor in any marketing strategy. Research indicates that up to 90% of consumers looking for health and fitness products will never look past the first page of Google.

At BlueTuskr, you can trust that our SEO specialists use the latest research platforms and industry-proven techniques to ensure that your website and products always appear first in search results for your targeted keywords while ensuring all of the technical aspects of your website are fully optimized as well.


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Whether you’re selling CBD or adult toys, no matter what your product line is, your website is a full reflection of your brand. The average person has an attention span of 8 seconds. This means you have a very limited amount of time to make a good impression and persuade someone to stay on your website or landing page.

Our team of experienced designers create stunning, mobile-responsive websites and landing pages that are easy to navigate and guaranteed to turn your visitors into customers.



We are impressed with BlueTuskr. He knows marketing. Moreover, unlike most consultants, BlueTuskr seems to genuinely care about the growth of our business. If you need someone who takes action and can give you accurate results backed by numbers, Andrew is the person. Andrew and his team at BlueTuskr are the consultants everyone should have on their side.

  • Savanna E.
  • |
  • Founder & CEO

Excellent service. Transparent, hardworking, and knowledgeable agency that makes data-driven guidance and decisions to provide you the most capital efficient channel opportunities.

  • Raj S.
  • |
  • Founder & CEO

The BlueTuskr team is an amazing find. Our sister company has been using them for some time and came highly recommended. BlueTuskr has helped us improve our SEO, decrease our customer acquisition costs, increase website traffic, monetize our Google/social media ads, and much more.

  • Chris W.
  • |
  • COO
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Let It Grow Hemp

Let It Grow came to us with the goal of increasing additional revenue despite being faced with many restrictions. As a CBD brand, Let It Grow only had so many marketing strategies available to them, but lucky enough our team is not only experienced in SEO and Content Marketing but also in scaling restricted brands.
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Threadfellows is a corporate apparel and accessory provider that helps businesses elevate their brands by offering curated collections of custom logo branded clothing, accessories, outdoor gear, gifts, and more.

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Onfloor Technologies is the leading manufacturer of commercial floor restoration machines that help commercial cleaning and construction businesses simplify the process of preparing, resurfacing, and maintaining floors. Onfloor offers powerful products that are simple enough for DIY users yet powerful enough for professionals.

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Styku 3D body scanner technology helps doctors, fitness professionals, and medspas improve the fitness experience for their patients and clients by making it easier for medical and fitness professionals to provide quick, reliable, non-invasive body scans.

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