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We are aware of the irony of an agency creating a group exclusively for e-commerce sellers because other groups have too much spam.
  • You will not see any promotional posts from us regarding our business.
  • We will not privately message any of you offering our services.
This group is a service we are providing to the community of
e-commerce sellers, so they can have a place to network and help each other without being annoyed by spammers.


1. Please introduce yourself, your business, and your role when you enter the group! We want you to share who you are and where you’re from.

2. We have a two (2) strike policy. Promoting services, apps, software, etc. will not be tolerated. Personally messaging other members and soliciting them with any of these services will also not be tolerated.

3. Asking for help and feedback is the best part of groups like this. But only if people help. We ask that for every post you make requesting help/feedback, you also respond to someone else's post who was looking for the same.
(We will use the honor system for this)

4. Don’t be a jerk. No hateful language. No trolling. No politics. No discussion of illegal activity, legal advice, etc.

Apply here to join Seller's Facebook group


*NOTE: Application approvals will be sent via email with a code that you will need to enter when requesting to join the group on Facebook. If the email domain you provide doesn't match your Website URL, you will not be approved to join Seller's Facebook Group.