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Your website is the face of your business, so put your best face forward to win the hearts and minds of your customers. Just like a traditional brick & mortar, your e-commerce website is where your customers come to shop and experience everything your brand has to offer.

Even if you sell on other marketplaces, consumers will often do their research and look to learn more about your brand and what you stand for.

Your website not only has to offer an effortless shopping experience, but it needs to provide easy navigation and a unique opportunity for your customers at the same time.


website design

We'll work closely with you throughout every stage of the design process, from conception and wireframing to full mockups and development, to deliver a website that you are proud of.


Differentiating your brand through comprehensive research of your customer profile and competitors.


Complete mapping of the shopping funnel, ensuring both the UI and UX are perfect for your customer base.


Designed to match your branding and provide your customers with a memorable shopping experience they’ll never forget.


Website development

Where function and creativity combine. From a beautifully designed website or landing page to optimizing an existing website, our developers will ensure a flawless user experience. Like our design process, you will stay in the know with timelines, features, and any updates leading up to the final launch.

  • Offering a true focus on site speed so your website not only looks fantastic but functions as it should.
  • Testing and optimizing your entire site from multiple devices and multiple browsers, so no matter where your customers are, they are provided with a seamless experience.
  • Professionally coded and organized so any future optimizations can be done with ease.
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Landing Page Creation

Landing pages can be key to a successful marketing strategy for an e-commerce business. Ensuring that these pages elevate the brand and provide a simple experience for the customer can be the difference between reduced customer acquisition costs and high bounce rates.

  • Conversion rate optimized while ensuring the message is properly conveyed.
  • Custom-designed to allow for leverage of all brand aesthetics
  • Developed with page speed, responsiveness, and ease of use in mind.
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Conversion Rate

No matter how beautiful a website may be, it needs to continuously be adjusted and A/B tested so that it can adapt and improve with your audience and your marketing strategies.

Our team focuses on ensuring that your website is consistently leveraging its traffic to the fullest extent to allow for not only an improved experience for your customers but continuously seeing conversion rate improvements. We leverage heatmaps, user recordings, post-purchase surveys, and more to gather as much data as possible from your users to improve your website's design, speed, functionality, and available features.

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Why bluetuskr?

We create beautiful websites that stand out. Our team of graphic designers and web developers will turn your website into an effective channel that generates leads and maximizes sales for your e-commerce business. We are focused on helping entrepreneurs attract, engage, and convert the right customers through creativity while strengthening your brand through optimization that enhances the user experience.


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